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Outdoor Study Group


  • ALL Dry Needling courses are 100% evidence-based.

  • Courses are limited to ONLY 10 participants to ensure adequate 1 on 1 learning with the instructor.

  • Participants will be ready to perform dry needling safely on patients DAY 1 following each course. 

  • Participants MUST complete 15 hours of pre-course readings prior  to each dry needling course; so register early so you can complete your 15 hrs BEFORE the course. Participants WILL be required to submit documentation that their 15 hours were completed before attending the course.

  • Each dry needling course is 27 CE hours each; a total of 54 CE hours for both courses.

  • Participants must pass the 20 question dry needling post-test and lab competency exam to  be certified to perform dry needling.

  • "This course content is not intended for use by any participants outside the scope of their license or regulation ."

Additional IL Requirements for Dry Needling Certification

  • 30 hours of didactic course work specific to intramuscular manual therapy. (15 pre-course readings required  BEFORE for each dry needling course) DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER. YOU MUST COMPLETE THESE READINGS BEFORE EACH COURSE.

  • complete at least 54 CE hours. (each dry needling course is 27 CE  hours)

  • 200 patient treatment sessions under general supervision (completed during and following each course).


Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremity Course

Cervical, Thoracic Spine and UE Course

Dry Needing being performed on the left side of the face.
Dry Needling of the upper back
Dry Needling of the mid interior arm below elbow
Dry Needling of arm
Dry Needles being applied to Neck
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