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Race Day Performance 


What is Race Day Performance ?


Performance Rehabilitation is Physical Therapy for those that have tried traditional therapy methods, chiropractic care, or injections, and have failed to see results.

Performance Rehabilitation is also for athletes with chronic injuries that fail to heal or have completed a routine physical therapy program and need to focus on the skills required to maximize speed, distance, and power in sport. Many athletes get released from physical therapy without any functional tests to determine whether they still have deficits that could lead to re-injury upon return to sport. 

Performance Rehabilitation is for individuals looking to move better and resume

activities that they enjoy WITHOUT LIMITS.


Race Day Performance 3 Step Process




What Makes Us Different?

  • Convenience: We come to you (concierge style) or you come to us. 
  • 1 on 1: Most rehab facilities see more than one patient at a time and are limited in one on one time with you. We see you one on one for an hour session.
  • 100% Attention: We do not waste YOUR time documenting during your treatment session.
  • Education: We educate you on your diagnosis and help you get back to what you enjoy doing.
  • No Limits: We are not limited by insurance companies on how long or how many times we can see you.
  • Prevention: We work with you on preventing future injuries. 
Many of our clients see improvements in just a few visits.
​Visit packages are available including:
1. Performance Bike Fitting to increase your WATTS.
2. Performance Running Analysis to increase your SPEED and EFFICIENCY.
3. Transformation Packages to get you back to what you LOVE.
4. Performance Coaching to help you meet your performance GOALS.
Call today or fill out the contact form below to set up a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT  to see if you are a good fit for for our TEAM.

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