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The events of the past week really got me thinking. Much of the world watched Damar Hamlin collapse on the field in the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals football game while his teammates surrounded him. Emergency staff rushed to his side to immediately start CPR to save his life. While attempts were made on the field in front of thousands of people, the players, coaches, and fans could only do one thing in the midst of this incredibly, scary and unknown situation. PRAY.....Almost all of the players and coaches knelt on the field right there and PRAYED for Damar Hamlin. Why? They all knew that his fate at that time was out of their control and only God could intervene to save his life.

In today's world, its frowned upon to PRAY in school, work, or any situation outside of church. But in this dire situation on a football field, not a single person questioned the act of PRAYER. So ask yourself, Why should it be considered inappropriate in other life situations? I can think of many life situations where PRAYER was the only thing that got me through. I'm sure you can as well. In fact, in college, I knelt before every race and PRAYED. For what? Guidance, safety, and that God would help me use the gifts that he had given me that day to my fullest ability.

So as you go about your day, don't be ashamed or afraid to PRAY in your daily life. God is always listening. Thank goodness he was this past Monday Jan 2, 2023 when Damar Hamlin collapsed. Continue to PRAY for Damar and his family as he continues to recover, and that as a result of this incident, our world will be more accepting of PRAYER.




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