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Are You Struggling with Low Back Pain?

Approximately, 20% of runners and 40% of cyclists experience low back pain (LBP) in a 1 year period. The good news is that some small adjustments to training and BIKE FIT can decrease this incidence.

For runners and cyclists, LBP is often linked to tight muscle groups and weakness in the CORE muscles. Tight hamstrings and hip flexor muscles tend to hold your pelvis in an anterior or posterior tilted direction, which over time can lead to LBP. The hamstring muscles are the muscles that bend your knee and are located in your posterior thigh from your hip to your knee. The hip flexor muscles are in the front of your hip and run from your pelvis to your mid thigh.

Here is a link to a video that demonstrates stretching of these muscles to help with LBP.

For cyclists, Bike Fit can contribute to LBP. Riding with the seat too far back causing an excessive reach to the handlebars, creates excessive strain on the low back muscles. Riding with the seat too low or high can also increase LBP when riding shortening up the hip flexor muscles or the hamstrings. A basic BIKE FIT can fix this. Here is a link to the RDE+P BIKE FIT. See below for a video of some good exercises to warm up those important muscle groups before riding and prevent LBP.


Jon Gallas, RDE+P

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