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We help active individuals, runners, and triathletes in the Rockford Illinois area perform at the highest level without the need for pain meds or surgery.

We coach athletes nationwide to achieve their goals and guide individuals post-rehab to 100% of their potential.


 "I've been able to get a couple quality rides in with the new fit and am loving the changes. It feels a lot more comfortable in terms of body position for longer distances and also feels easier to go faster."
"Very professional and knowledgeable, helpful with bike set up and also with physio issues."
"My legs felt significantly better going into the run both in the 70.3 and this weekend."



What is power-based running? Every foot strike creates a series of forces when it contacts the surface. These foot strikes are measured in Watts. Watts is a way of measuring power when running. Power-based running has been shown to be MORE efficient than using heart rate or pace. Why? Because heart rate and pace can not account for wind resistance or determine whether you are running uphill, but power-based devices CAN. This makes them more accurate. 

Click here to find out more about power-based running devices used by Race Day Education + Performance.  

75% of runners will experience some degree of pain or discomfort from running in a 1-year period. A Race Day Education + Performance Performance Running Evaluation determines your adequate running cadence and power to limit your impact each stride and hopefully, prevent injuries, make you a more efficient runner, and improve your performance. Each participant receives a PDF of video feedback on analysis and individualized strength and flexibility rehab program.

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What is power-based cycling? FTP stands for Functional Power Threshold or the maximal power you can output for 60 minutes. Prepare to ride!  A RDE+P Performance Cycling Evaluation consists of an abbreviated power test. Then we analyze your bike position and find your "sweet spot" for power. Each cyclist receives a PDF of performance test results and video analysis. Strength and flexibility weaknesses are addressed in your own individual rehab program. PLUS a FREE cycling dynamic warmup video.

A Mileage Fee is Charged in Addition to Performance Services Greater Than 15 Miles Outside of Rockford, IL Area(58cents/mi)